Francois Tetaz: From Warrion Dairy Farm to a Grammy

Gotye, Franc, and Kimbra at Grammy Awards

GRAMMY winner Francois Tetaz has come a long way since his days on a Colac district dairy farm.

Tetaz grew up on a farm at Warrion, north of Colac, with his parents Frank and Heather Tetaz, and his brother Charles. “Growing up on the farm in Warrion I was surrounded by music,” Tetaz told the Colac Herald. “My dad Frank built huge outdoor speakers so he could listen to Beethoven while herding the cows for milking and my mum Heather Tetaz was so passionate about music and music education,” he said.

The 42-year-old went from the paddocks of Warrion to the red carpet of Los Angeles with Gotye and Kimbra last week for the 2013 Grammy awards ceremony. Read more at the Colac Herald.